Internationally recognized Expert EFT Practitioner, Julie Schiffman, has created a powerful 3 part tapping meditation series exclusively for our community

What if you had a tool, at your disposal 24/7, to apply to all circumstances, no matter how difficult

Tapping is a powerful, simple technique you can employ at any time.

And we asked one of the world’s experts to personally teach our community how to apply this acupressure-type of treatment to your day-by-day, moment-by-moment life

And not a moment too soon, right? 

Life can feel like a roller coaster that never seems to end.

ESPECIALLY right now.

Whatever obstacles you’re navigating around the current crisis, that may feel overwhelming or insurmountable….

Whatever concerns you have over your health and well being, and the health and safety of those you love…

There is a way to create a state of inner balance and peace despite all circumstances.

“Tapping” (also known as EFT) has been scientifically proven to rewire the brain and is an integrated NATURAL approach to effectively resolve a range of issues, including anxiety, loneliness, chronic pain, addiction, limiting beliefs, phobias, and emotional disorders, just to name a few.

Tapping to Create Calmness & Clarity Amidst Crisis

A Valuable 3-Part Video Meditation Series, that covers:

Releasing Loneliness During Quarantine

Managing Your Emotions Around the Global Pandemic

Releasing Loneliness During Quarantine

Your body is a brilliant organism

It was designed to react to stress immediately and to handle tough circumstances. 

But all of that stress, and emotion, and pain, pile up and can become chronic illness, autoimmune disease, anxiety (and more). 

The good news?  You can actually stimulate your body’s own built-in systems to release these “stored” or “trapped” emotions and stress. 

You just need to know how.

About Julie Schiffman

For more than 20 years, Julie has counseled thousands of clients, helping them break through physical and emotional barriers. Her life-changing YouTube videos have been viewed more than 4 million times.  

Julie is trained in various healing modalities but is best known for her expertise in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT/Tapping). In her private practice, she uses meridian tapping to help clients overcome physical and emotional challenges all over the globe.

Julie was formerly the chief EFT practitioner at Dr. Mercola’s Center for Natural health for over 15 years and she regularly consults with patients at The Sophia Institute in Washington State with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.

Julie has been a featured presenter for “The Annual Tapping World Summit” every year since its inception in 2008. She has presented for many other health-related summits.

For more on Julie, visit her website: