21-Day Guided
Lung Cleanse

21-Day Guided
Lung Cleanse

21-Day Guided Lung Cleanse

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Essential Oil Blends for Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Vibrant Blue Oils formulates proprietary blends of organic or wild-crafted essential oils that help balance organ systems and regions of the brain, including balancing emotions and supporting symptoms, so the body can function optimally and heal.

Founder, Jodi Cohen, shares five essential oils to help you breathe!
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Breathe Kit™
Five powerful oils to help support your lungs and improve your ability to breathe easily again.
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Fluidity, Flow, Sensuality, Sexuality, Creativity and Creation.

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word meaning sacred opening and temple.

This is all encompassing of the reproductive system: physically, emotionally and spiritually.  The womb center is our connection to the very essence of what makes us women. This space within a woman’s body is the “house” of our Sacred Soul.

Founder, Kate Strakosch created Yoni Wellness offerings that we are thrilled to be sharing with you here:

  • Yoni Eggs
  • Customized Yoni Steam Herbal Blends
  • Consultations

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Address Underlying Energetic Issues

Chakredy® Vibrational Remedies use therapeutic frequencies to support chakras, organs and body systems. 

The organs can house unresolved emotion and stagnant energy. Addressing these underlying interferences can yield tremendous shifts when supporting complex health issues. 


Indications: Stuck energy may include: GRIEF, SADNESS, DETACHMENT

Potential: Energetic potential of the lungs when in balance: HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT, CONNECTION

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